yesterday Marcus, Fredrik and I once again met up at the box for an attempt at Q15.3

We talk strategy and weights and even came up with a time table to help keep track of our progress. Marcus and Fredrik went before me which was to my benefit. I could see how hard they pushed themselves and where it was most effective to rest.

The Open 15.5 was 43kg and I struggled with the first 27 so I decided to go with 30kg today. I thought it would be an advantage to pick a weight I could do all the reps with no break.

With the guys pushing me to go harder I managed to make it through the second set of 9’s with about 55s left. I quickly jump back on the row machine but realize I would not complete 12 cal rows before the time cap so stopped with 30s left.

This week I am going to row a lot if I can find one at the hotel. I’m also going to lift heavy 2-3 days and then Saturday  or Sunday  I’ll make a new attempt with 40kg. To improve my score I only need to do 75 reps compared to the 99 reps with 30kg. I would need to finish the 99 reps with about 1:10-1:15 just to squeeze in 1-2 reps.

But 74 is still on the way down on the first 9’s. So I have a better shot at getting 74-99 reps than trying again for 100+ reps.

Off to Dubai!!!

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