Q15.2 & surprise surprise Dubai again

Thursday morning I get to work and start my day with a coffee and sort through the evening emails. Lucky me I get to go back to Dubai.  This time I am travelling alone so I’ll stay at a hotel in Ajman. That will save me 90-120min of travel time each day. But it’s going to be a long four days there with a full day travel there and another on the way home. At least the pay makes it worth it and this time I’m hoping to get some biking and running in.

Friday Marcus, Fredrik and I met at the box around 1400 to try Q15.2.

It was a lot harder than I imagined. I finished with 111 reps.  I was last in the north amoung men for Q15.1 and will most likely be at the bottom after Q15.2 as well.  My box mates have scores from 118 up to 167. Which is really fantastic.

Every week that goes by I’m getting to know more and more of those who train crossfit and I’m impressed by every single one of them.

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