Cry Me a River & the UAE

So it seems like my time in the Cry Me a River competition has almost come to an end. I was the first one in my class to register 15.3 and currently I am placed 4th. So as soon as the others start to register their results I will slowyly be pushed out of the top 6.

Oh well, I knew I never really had a chance to go to the finals, but I will be doing 15.3 over again, because I want to push myself even harder. And I think my results will directly effect who gets 4-5-6 and who is pushed out of the top 6.

Last night I arrive to my hotel after 01:00 and manage to go to bed rather quickly. This hotel does not have the sound proof windows of the Hyatt, but it is only 100m from the beach and 3km from the Crossfit Sand Warriors which I am hoping to be able to book a workout or two at.

I checked out the “gym” at the hotel and I will be able to get somethings down, like OH squat technique and rowing, but I will most likely try running along the beach instead of running on the treadmill. it’s an open gym to the pool area, so it is warm and chlorinated air.

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