Full packed weekend and my first strict HSPU today!

Life in the Provencher house would be so much easier with one stay at home parent who didn’t work or workout, or if we had two cars, but it would not be as fun 😉 I love that Jeanette wants to workout and has her four days a week.

After a shortened workweek because of being home with Iris and Viola on Wednesday and Thursday it was Friday as usual for us. Well not as usual, Jeannette’s last appointment canceled so to save time she went food shopping while I got in my Friday Crossfit workout in. We pick up the girls on the way home and then shortly after Jeanette takes Viola to swimming and my and the other two prepare tacos. Cozy Friday night at home with everyone happy.

Saturday morning, I get up at 6:50, make pancakes the girls (Jeanette included) come down around 7:30 and we have a family breakfast. Then I pack the car with the girls while Jeanette hides in the house. Viola and I take Iris to floor hockey practice, then off to drop off a 10 gal jug for a 50 yr old joke present, then to the pool to drop off Lily and back to floor hockey. Jeanette in the mean time heads to her morning workout. After floor hockey Viola, Iris and I head home. When Jeanette returns from her workout, I go to the pool to eat lunch with Lily who has a break between diving and swimming practice. Mean while Jeanette is at home having fun with the two little ones. after lunch Lily gets on her phone to play some games, I sneak out for a 25 min run with my Swimrun partner Fredrik. We were able to talk during the run, which is a good thing, we need to be able to run and talk during our races this summer. To our surprise when we got back to the pool we had run at 5:25/km pace. I don’t think we need to run any faster than 6:00/km this summer to do well. But running with a wet suit is not the same. Once we get back Lily has started her swim practice, so I get on a bike for what I thought would be a 60 min ride, but get off the bike just after 25 km to go check on Lily and relax. because I still had one more workout planed for the day.

When Lily has changed after swimming I drop her off at home and then head to a 50 yr Cross fit workout with the guys. Tough but fun 30 min WOD. When I get back, it’s soon time for Jeanette to head out for her Girls night out. So she sneaks out as the girls and I prepare dinner. After dinner the girls play, I “clean” and keep the laundry cycle going. By 20:00 everyone is ready for bed and we sit on the sofa to watch the Swedish melody festival. Viola crashes first, but the other two last until the end 21:30. They go to bed and I get to relax and watch “Sharknado 2, The Second One.” Then even I go to bed.

Sunday morning I head out for Masters swimming just after 08:00, get back in time to take Lily to soccer at 10:30 and then enjoy a relaxing morning before lunch with the rest of the family. I make waffles for lunch while Jeanette picks up Lily. After lunch Iris goes to the neighbors, and the other two head out to play in the snow, I crash in bed for a much needed 2 hr nap. I only planned on sleeping 30min, but no one missed, so I got to stay in bed 😉

After dinner Jeanette goes to her Sunday evening workout double workout and the girls and I clean up after dinner, get in some TV time, and then start to get ready for bed. About 30 min after Jeanette gets back it’s time for me to head out for yoga. I am still not decided on the whole yoga experience, but if you could cut out the beginning and the end and just have the hard stuff in the middle it would be better, for me at least. Maybe I need Power yoga??

Since the girls were up late with me on Saturday I assume they went down easy. I get home at 21:40, watch some TV with Jeanette, talk about this week and next quarter activities for the girls, and realize we are going to have to get a second car, maybe not right now, but after summer when school starts back up. With three years between all the girls, it is very hard to get them into groups that start at the same time…

Today I managed to do my first strict HSPU (Hand Stand Push-Up). It felt really good!! 8 weeks ago I couldn’t even do one with 3 cushions under my head to scale it down. But today during the power WoD I did 8 with two cushions, and then 4 with one cushion and 4 with no cushion. I am slowly getting into the whole crossfit thing. I have even gone from zero pull-ups to being able to do 6 in a row now problems. There are still things I need to learn how to do, muscle ups, pistols and double unders (jump rope), but I am hoping to learn them soon, and keeping my fingers crossed they are not included in the Crossfit Open that starts in 2+ weeks. I’m now booked for a lifting class the 14th of March!

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