Districts & training

So yesterday was my first meet of the year. A few of my swimmers and I traveled south to the Skåne District Championships for Masters. I am still out of shape and I have yet to start training for anything other than freestyle, but I signed up to swim 50m of all four strokes.

Compared to Swedish Nationals in November, this time I was mentally prepared for slow times.The size of my belly and the lack of time in the water this fall/winter is very similar to when I got back in the pool in 2006. My times also reflect this.

First up was the 50m breast, 35.97! No power, no catch and no turn around. The fact that I died the last 7m did not help either. Not since my first race back in the pool Dec 2006 have I been so slow.

A few minutes later it was time for the 50m back. I know I have swum faster at practice, 37.45. Another all time worst. I have not been over 36s in a meet since starting with masters. Bad, start, no catch or turn around and absolutely no kick on the second half.

After a short pause it was time for the 50m free. I had no control over my breathing, to close to the wall on the turn, and again no kick. I was just so tired/weak. first time over 30s in a meet as a master.

The last 50 of the day, the 50m fly. What could I have expected out of this race when my first three were all time lows. Not much! I felt like I had weights on my hands. I could not get my hands over the water with my head down and had to breathe, or risk getting disqualified. Touched the wall at 34.30?!?! I swam 32.55 in my first meet back in the pool at 108kg.

I am back to square one when it comes to swimming. I can’t blame it on being sick, nor injured. I am just out of shape, tired, and stiff. I feel like Rocky in Rocky 3 after his first fight with Mr T. Maybe this was the wake up call I needed. Now I have seven weeks to get back into shape, and find some speed. And if things go my way Nationals will be like my second fight with Mr T. Otherwise it’s is going to be the longest weekend in my life.

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