9 days until “The Open”

Next Thursday the first WOD in The Open will be published. After looking at last years WODs I realize that it means I only have 9 days to learn how do double unders (jump rope) and muscle ups. There is a big risk they will be apart of some WOD. If they are in beginning I’m not going to do well at all.

I’ve decided to go with the scaled WODs. No matter how easy the first one may or may not be. My goal to reach Rx level is later in the fall.

Other movements I’m not looking fwd to are overhead squats and squat snatch if the weight is over 40kg. Ring dips and chest to bars will also be tough because I’m still overweight.

For some reason I’m more nervous/excited for this than I was my first Ironman. Maybe because I’m can see that I’m getting better with each week.

Good luck to everyone I know that will also participate.

Keeping my fingers crossed not to be in last place in Men 40-44!

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