15.1 & 15.1A Scaled

Last night they released WOD 15.1. It wound up being two WODS, the first an AMRAP for 9min and then a 1 RM clean & jerk under 6min. 15min total time.

As I stated before I decided to do the Open scaled. Today’s 15.1 was

9-minute AMRAP:

15 hanging knee raises

10 deadlift 38kg

5 snatches 38kg

The Rx was 52kg which I could do but the toes-to-bars was not something I felt great about. Either way, David, Marcus, Fredrik and I did 15.1 after lunch today.

I managed 171 reps + 72kg. Not great but good for a first timer. Funny enough it’s was my hand strength that slowed me down. My abs, back and legs felt great all the way through.  Rounds 1-3 were fairly constant. Do breaks just continuous movement. At the start of the 4th round I had a hard time holding onto the bar. The fifth round was even harder with 5-5-5 to get the knee raises done. The last round was just impossible to keep my grip. I thought I could get all 10 deadlifts in but could only manage 2-2-2 because I had to re-grip the bar after every two.

Before Monday night I will make an attempt at Rx since I found out you can mix up week to week.

The second part was harder, but not because I was tired but because I’ve never done anything over 40kg before. I threw up 38kg easy peasy. Then did 57kg, 67kg, and then tried 77kg but failed. Backed down to 72kg and got it. Tried 74.5 but I could not keep my hands on the bar. And with only 30s left I gave up.

If I get around to trying Rx it will be interesting to see to how it effects my clean & jerk max.

Great job to all my friends that competed today!!

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