3 days until “The Open”

Starting to get nervous about my first Crossfit competition.  It’s only three days, My only real goal is to not be last.

This past Saturday I was given a tip about body position and can now add Chest to bars as an exercise I can do it they show up on a WOD. Muscle-ups and DU are still not possible, YET.

Today I will get time to practice OH Squats at 30 kg.  If I can get comfortable with doing them at 30 kg I am sure I can get 45-50kg if need be. It’s more of an out of balance feeling, than not being strong enough.

Last night I maxed out on back squats before yoga. I got up to 110 kg when I could not go as far down as I wanted to. Not because it was too heavy, but I was afraid to either not be able to get up, or hurt my back. I wasn’t warmed up and was barefoot, but it felt good to lift heavy.

Yoga last night had a slightly more active warm-up and I really got a warmed-up. There is still a lot of talking and “feeling” involved in yoga, but if I look beyond the “hoky poky” side of yoga, it is actually fun and relaxing.

Jeanette takes off for her Spa weekend this coming weekend, but it looks like I’ll be able to get a few good workouts in by Friday and “rest” over the weekend with the girls.

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