Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Sweden is the day swedes celebrate Christmas. Families will travel near and far to gather before the annual showing of Disney clips on national tv, then eat a three course Christmas buffet (Julbord) followed by a visit from Santa! Very different from my childhood, but fun for the kids.

Our girls get two Christmas celebrations since they also wake up to find Santa even stopped by our house because he “forgot” to leave all the gifts the night before.

No white Christmas for us this year. It’s a few degrees over freezing.

I was up at 5:30 for a very nice and much needed morning jog with “Swimrun King” Jonas. It’s a good thing my 100kg fast distance pace is the same as his ultra distance jog pace. Just over 8km before breakfast. It was my first outside run in a long time. It’s felt great. I’m not use to the cold air or talking and running, but with two swimruns planned I need to get use to running and talking otherwise Fredrik and I will have a very boring race 😉

I’ve been fortunate enough to get in three crossfit workouts in three days. What a great feeling to finally be back in action. I almost think I perform better with less rest and no full recovery between workouts. Last nights WoD was the first time I made the time cap. Normally I fall short by 2-3min. I’m still learning, but at the same time I think I am breaking through my comfort zone!!

Since I have had back problems since 1989 I have always avoided snatch, squats, cleans and pretty much anything involving a bar and back. I’m taking it slow with the weights since I don’t quit have the technique yet. And I’ve never lifted more than I can control both up and down. So it will take time before I can power snatch 100kg since it will require dropping the weights, but for the first time in my life I am ok with lifting light.

I have a feeling that pair WoD is going to be my favorite. Doing a solo WoD is fun, but it’s easy to rest too long, in pairs you don’t want to be the weak link so you push through the discomfort. Exactly what I need. Because of Jeanette gym schedule I won’t be able to do a group WoD again until the 29th, but I will try to go Friday, Saturday and Sunday to work on my technique.

Merry Christmas Eve to my Swedish friends!!


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