I’ve lived in Sweden for too long…

So during my last Dubai trip I came to realize that I have been married too long and was not able to go to bed at a reasonable time.

During this trip it has been painfully obvious to me that I have now lived in Sweden too long. During the past two days I have been in meeting and discussions with various people from various countries. When something was directed to me, I acknowledged it, but for some reason the person talking re-stated the previous statement. At first I thought maybe they did not hear that I acknowledge their statement. Then halfway through day 2 it hit me.

I was not saying outloud “Yes” or “Ok”.  I was making a sound.  Everytime I was acknowledging the speaker I was just saying “Mmm”.  But it dawned on me that everyone around me was here “hmm?” and that is why they were restating their statement. So not only to I have to be conscious about my swenglish I need to be conscious about my “verbal” responses when outside of Sweden, or dealing with non-swedes.

I was even told by one Alstom employee that I have started with the “shhhup” sound when I agree with what is being said…..

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