40 and a day

So I’m officially 40 yrs old!

10 years ago I would have told you it’s all down hill from here. But moving to Växjö and being exposed to Masters swimming, Triathlon and everyone involved has opened my eyes to another world. I know now as long as I stay healthy I’ve got another 20+ years of training and racing to look forward to.

On the 20th I celebrated my birthday with friends and relatives.

Christmas Day I celebrated my birthday with family. In morning, Iris was up first but went straight to the sofa and turned the TV on. Jeanette woke up Lily, Viola was already in bed with me and then I got my presents in bed. Afterwards the girls opened their gifts under their tree in their room and then we went down stairs to open the rest. With 85% of the gifts opened the night before it was a relaxing morning.

Around 09:30 we Skyped with my brother in China. Even if we chat online via FB and email it was nice to hear his voice and even nicer to listen to Lily being able to communicate in English with him. I’m so looking forward to Xmas in the US next year.

The girls played and Jeanette went to her body balance class. After lunch we had time to skype with my parents. Something we try to do as often as time allows.

With a day of relaxing behind us, we went to Stars & Stripes for dinner.


The girls were quit persuasive on getting ice cream for dessert since it was my birthday and “you can’t have a birthday with out it”

Today, 40+1, I’ve biked 45km on my trainer and about to head to Leo’s Lekland with the girls so they can get rid of some energy. Jeanette is again at her gym and when she meets us at Leo’s I’ll go to attempt my first benchmark WoD “Murph”.

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