Home from Duabi in time for my 40th Open House Birthday Party

So Friday I traveled home from Dubai for the last time this year. The airport was crazy since all of the western ex-pats were also heading home for the holidays and/or visa renewals. I decided to go to the airport 3 hours before my flight. It took me less than an hour to check in my bag, go through security and passport control. Picked up some breakfast and then sat around and waited for nearly 2 hours at the gate. Luckily for me a co-worker was also heading home so we could keep each other company.

Our flight was 30 minutes longer than planned because of turbulent air, but we made it home in time for me to still catch the earlier train. Getting home one hour earlier was great. But the long days in Dubai and the early morning travel made it so that I missed the swim team Christmas dinner.

Saturday morning everything was back to normal. Up before the sun, make pancakes for the girls, take Iris to her floor hockey practice. Once back from practice, Jeanette took off to pick up the food and some wine, I stayed home with the girls and got the house ready for the party. Later in the day I took Lily to swim practice. Luckily I was able to get in a 30 min ride and 30 min weight training.

My in-laws were the first to show up, then one by one the guest started to drop by. Even if it was a small gathering it was still hard to find time to mingle with everyone. I have the same problem at our 4th of July BBQ. We enjoyed some “Smörgåstårta” (Sandwich cake), and then later real cake, coffee and whiskey. Around 21:30 the first guest started to head home and by 23:00 the house was empty.

konditori_valhall_tårta_pärontårta     recept-9126-460x345-220x144

(Pear and Passion Fruit cakes)

Thanks to everyone that was able to make it to my party. It was nice to see everyone. And thanks to everyone that was apart of my presents that could not make it.

Sunday morning was Masters practice as usual. Well I guess I can’t say “as usual” since it was only the second time I have been in the water since Swedish Nationals. And it felt like I have not been in the water for a long time. No power, no comfort and all that food and whiskey running around in my body did not make it any easier.

Fredrik was booked in to the Sunday evening Crossfit class, so I put my name on the reserve list and eventually got a spot as well. It was the 12 Days of Christmas with a 30 minute time cap. Rounds 1-10 went really well, but when we got to the pull ups, it really slowed me down. I was happy that I started the 12th round, but I would have needed 2-3 minutes more to finish. With Jeanette’s Body Balance on sunday evenings, I will not be able to attend those crossfit times again, unless Jeanette can take the girls with her. I only trust Lily at the Box, Iris and Viola would never be able to stay in the lounge area and it is not safe for kids to be running around in the Box.


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