Whiskey and my up and coming 40th

So those of you that have been to our house know I have a thing for whiskey. Before 2005 when Lily was born the best I knew was a good cigar and a whiskey. I gave up cigars so our girls would not grow up in a tobacco environment.

Today I picked up a box of Mackmyra TIO, their first 10yr whiskey. Unfortunately I decided to sell half of them before I tasted them. And because I had ten friends ask to buy one I sold all but two.

I’m saving one for my 40th but opened the other tonight. OMG it was so smooth and full of flavor. I regret now that I sold so many, but I’m happy knowing those that bought a bottle won’t be disappointed. I’m hoping to get their feedback Monday or Tuesday.
Sunday I travel back to Dubai so that means getting as much ready for my 40th Birthday party this weekend. I ordered food, picked up beer and already have a decent supply of whiskey and other spirits. Tomorrow we’ll pick up some wine and snacks.

So now I’m looking fwd to four days of 28+ and long workouts then coming home to my open house 40th. But I’m sad that I’ll miss our club championships on Sunday. Lily will swim her first 100 IM and had I been home Lily, Iris and I would have swam a 3x25m relay…

Have a nice weekend!

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