Ironman Tattoo

Even before I registered for my first Ironman, I knew that after I crossed the finish line that getting an Mdot tattoo was going to be on the top of my “to-do-list”. I think it is so cool to see those with their Mdot tattoo, either a straight up red Mdot, or with a theme for the specific race they finished.  Since I prefer to race with calf guards I knew that having an Mdot on my calf would only be seen during training.

I originally booked a time for the 20th of Nov, but a business trip put a stop to that. With Swedish Nationals the 28-29th I had to wait until after. So on Dec 2nd I finally was able to get a time that worked for me…

Thanks to the staff in Kalmar I received a digital file with the Kalmar Silhouette that depicts the Kalmar Castle, Öland Bridge and the windmills famous on Öland. This was seen in the Pre-Race meeting slides as well as the kilometer markers during the run. So using that silhouette along with the Ironman logo and was able to make something I liked. Thanks to my parents early Birthday/Christmas money, this is the final product.



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