The Open – Crossfit Games 2018

This is my 3rd year in doing Crossfit and my 3rd Open and again my goal was to remain a top 50% crossfit athlete in my age group in Sweden.

In 2016 I was 41.8% total in the world, 41% in Europe and 50% in Sweden.

In 2017 I wanted to place better and do better. I finished 40.7% in the World, 39% in Europe and 50.2% in Sweden.  What I found interesting with 2017 was that I strated off in the 60’s world and Europe, but over 70 in Sweden and with 3 strong results in 17.3, 17.4 and 17.5 I was able to move up the ladder.

18.1 255 reps
strength with a little bit of conditioning require to keep a good pace. My weakness here was the T2Bs. Lose some weight work on grip strength and these won’t be so hard

18.2 and 18.2 11:36 & 90kg
A pure condition followed by pure strength.  I didn’t think that 12 minutes would be a tough time limit, but with only 20-23s left to get one lift in, I was happy I didn’t have to do this one over.

18.3 150 reps
was over before it started.  DUs are one of the three things I can not do. DU, Pistols and MU.  But I did my best and managed to get through the OH squats and 30 DUs on the second round.  so luckily for me MUs were in this WoD too.

18.4 67 reps
I completely underestimated “legal” HSPUs.  I have done Diane under 9 minutes in the past and really thought I was going to get a chance to start the 143kg dead lifts. But the height of the tape proved to be my down fall, and stopped at 67 reps.  Better abs and 10-15kg less body weight and I could do this one better.

18.5 75 reps
I actually did better than I expected.  Thrusters are never easy, but I was more concerned with the C2Bs, I did singles all the way through to save my hands. My goal was to be able to start on the 12 C2Bs, and I actually finished the 15 thrusters.

My rankings below in percentages:

The Open 2018

Men 40-44
World 10,320 out of  28357  = 36,6%

18.1 – 39%
18.2 – 58%
18.2A – 34%
18.3 – 45%
18.4 – 25%
18.5 – 33%

Northern Europe 543 out of 1249 = 43,6%

18.1 – 52%
18.2 –  66%
18.2A – 39%
18.3 – 50%
18.4 – 27%
18.5 – 34%

Sweden 178 out of 395 = 45,1%

18.1 – 53,2%
18.2 –  69,9%
18.2A – 40%
18.3 – 55,9%
18.4 – 29,1%
18.5 – 35,4%

Again thanks to a relative good performance in the last two WoDs I was able to meet my goals for this year. What can one take from my different rankings.  Well to me it is quite obvious.  In the world anyone can do crossfit and compete.  after all that is the basis behind The Open. But in Europe there seems to be less “bad” cross fitters and in Sweden only those who think they are good or have chance to do well participate.

I only manged to place 10 of 20 in my Box, but I really need to step up my game if I want to place any higher.

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