PB Snatch & ”Filthy 50”

Two PBs in three days. It might not impress most of my friends but both are big steps in my Crossfit training.

Saturday morning I get to the box about an hour early since Lily swims at 07:45 and my WoD at 09:00.

After a long warm up and stretching it was time for a snatch ladder. 5-4-3-2-1-1 where the goal was to match 100% max. I did 30-40-50-55-60-65 and felt great. The instructor said if we felt good there was time for one last attempt. So we loaded up 70kg (154lbs).

I grip the bar, get into the start position and lift. I get the bar over head in a deep squat position. I was shocked! I’m not balanced and hold the bar up and just as I was about to drop the bar I feel my feet settle. I stand up and YES 70kg snatch is in the books!

Today the lunch WoD was the “Filthy 50”.

The first time I tried this I missed the 30 minute time cap but stayed after and finished in about 32:30. Since then I’ve been between 28-32 minutes about 5 times.

Today did not feel like the kind of day that would go well. But I pushed through all the reps tried my best to only rest when needed. As I get to the final two exercises I see I’m under 20 minutes. I struggled through the burpees and managed jumping rope and my time 24:42! About 3 minutes faster than before.

With my doctors ok to compete I might have to find a smaller beginner CF competition in the near future that doesn’t collide with swimming or Swimrun.

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