Man’s Cold & 16.4


Monday the 14th I was out of town with work all day, but Tuesday I managed to get in a lunch time WoD as planned.  I pick up the girls just after 16:00 and head home to make dinner.  I had had a little cough since Thursday the 10th, but nothing I was concerned about.  Until just before 18:00.

I get a SMS that Jeanette and Lily are are on their way home from swimming and all of a sudden the act of making dinner is so exhausting. By the time Jeanette gets home I am the walking dead and go lay down saying I will eat leftovers after I rest. I was knocked down!  Spent Tuesday night in bed, after calling in sick to work, I spent all of Wednesday in bed. Thursday was not any better. For the first time in a very long time I had nothing but time and all I could think about was sleeping. Friday the coughing gets so bad that it’s starting to hurt my ribs and back. So I do what I can to sleep on the sofa sitting up. However, for the better part of Friday i slept too. The only thing I managed to do on Saturday was attend the swim team yearly meeting. Sunday I make my way to the pool, to coach, but talking is not easy. Sunday afternoon I manage to eat something other than cornflakes for the first time since Tuesday.  The combination of everything, knocks me down again, and I find myself in bed before 20:00 Sunday night.

Monday morning I manage to go to work, still coughing, but feeling much better. So when I am finished with work and realize that I have an extra 45 minutes before I have to get the girls I drive over to the box for The Open 16.4.


As I was driving over, my plan was to walk in, ask someone to judge me do one Dead lift and then go home.  But as I get closer and closer to the box I decide that I can do as many DLs as I can until the coughing takes over. So with no warm up, Maik is ready to judge me. The clock starts.

1-10 straight through, no problems.
11-15 have to stop after just 5 because I can not breathe in. my throat has tighten up.
16-21, then 22-27 but around 30 reps, I have to go over to singles, because I am coughing when I do more than one at a time. It winds up taking me just over 6:30 for 55 dead lifts, I am not tired in my back or legs, but extremely winded.  I inform Maik that I might as well see how many Wall balls I can get before my lungs/throat say stop. So I do my 4-6 reps of wallballs, with 15-20s rest after each set. No speed, just long and easy wall balls. Around 30 reps breathing gets even harder and the resting is longer than the working.  When the clock strikes 13:00 I had managed 49 reps Wall balls. that is 49 bonus reps in my mind.

Even thought I had to put in a huge effort compared to 16.3, I was really disappointed about being sick and not being able to go at it with 110%.

At this moment I am  1244 (48%) with my poor effort 16.4, but I managed to stay around 1136 (44%) in Europe through 4 wods.  My World rankings do not see to be as effected by my poor 16.4 where I am sitting at 9487th (45%).

Locally in Sweden I lost a few placements after 16.4, but interestingly if you look at how I am placed from 16.1 through 16.4 I am in the same spot for all 4 wods.

Sweden ranking  132 overall with WoD placements 142, 148, 131, 157
Europe rankings 1136 overall with WoD placements 1157, 1221, 1062, 1244
World rankings 9487 overall with WoD placements 10351, 10518, 8577, 10409

That just makes me even more depressed with my 16.4.  I struggled with 16.1 and 16.2 to get has low as I landed in the rankings. 16.3 was a joke where a large percent of the others only did 10 reps like me, but to see that my joke of an effort in 16.4 ranks me around the same as 16.2 that I tried 3-4 times is just sad.

Once the Open is over and I am fit for fight, I plan on taking on 16.4 again. I really think I can manage over 170 reps. which would have lifted me up nearly 700 placements in 16.4 with in Europe.

I’m still coughing and losing my voice, so 16.5 is not looking like it will go off on Friday, but I might have to rest through until Monday.


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