Fabulous 40 & The Open 16.3 – a Perfect 10

Just had a big weekend. My wife turned 20 for the second time on the 10th. Thursday night, the girls and I took Jeanette out for pizza. All three girls were very hungry and ate up their entire pizza by themselves.


Friday started as usual, with everyone getting ready for work/school, then leaving home around 07:30. Around 10:30 am I pick Jeanette up and we head to Falkenberg Strandbad for a kid free night. The in-laws will be picking up the girls around 2:30.

We arrive to the hotel just before 1 pm, our room is not ready yet, but we get access to the SPA, and head there to start our afternoon SPA experience.

We find out way to the SPA, get changed and then make our way to the heated pool and relax for 30-45 min. At 1:45 we move over to the waiting area and get a glass champagne (sparkling juice for me).


Our group consists of 3 couples, and we get called into our 2 hr SPA experience getting to test seven different treatments, in other words roughly 15-20 minutes at each station.

We start with a hot foot bath with salt from the Dead Sea. We are even giving a “hammer” to hit the bottom of our feet and calves to increase blood circulation. This was fun for the first 5 minutes, then was just boring.

The second treatment was a face mask while sitting in a steam sauna. We cover our faces and neck with a putty, and then head into a steam sauna. My face mask melts off with in seconds, and I just start sweating like a pig.

After the steam sauna we wipe off the face mask putty and then washed each other with crushed ice, before going into dry sauna. The Dry sauna was relaxing compared to the steam one. From the steam sauna it was time for a cold shower and then direct into a  38 C warm bath.

The fifth treatment was soap bubble scrubbing from Turkey, I  think.  We took turns making bubbles from soap on our each other, and then used a gloves to scrub each other clean.

The sixth was a mud treatment for the rest of the body and while sitting in another steam sauna. Again we helped each other cover from shoulders to toes in mud and then sat down in the second steam saunu.  And again, I started to sweat like a pig. I could not sit still, and wound up showering off the mud before time was up.

And finally we ended our SPA experience with an oil wash while resting in a warm room.

After our SPA experience, we get our robes back, and make our way into the fire place room and lay down in a big bed in front of a big fireplace and just relaxed and enjoyed the silence with some cold water, nuts and fruit.


Later that night we enjoyed a nice couples three course meal, which would be better to call it a three course appetizer. The food was great, but smaller than kids size and nothing for a big guy like me.  After dinner we make our way back to the room and relaxing in bed until we both fell asleep, before 10 pm 😉

In the morning, we woke up after 8 am and  enjoyed a nice hotel breakfast before heading home to our girls.

Later that night we took Jeanette and her closest family members out to dinner at “Fyra Krogers” a restaurant with a view over Växjö Lake and enjoyed a tasty Greek dinner.


Sunday morning, I leave the girls at home and head to Masters distance pass. But with a soar throat, I just coached the swimmers. Shortly after coming home, I find out that Lily is hurt and can’t go to family crossfit pass, and Iris was going to floor ball and will miss the same family pass, so I go to the box and walk through 16.3…


I loaded the bar with 35kg, because it was faster and easier than racking up 34 kg.  I get the results as they were expected.  A perfect 10 🙂 images

I started with crossfit 16-17 months ago and muscle ups, bar or rings, are  one of the movements that I still can not do. So for the second week in a row, it is a movement in the WoD that keeps me from working passed the first round.  Last week DUs and this week MUs.  Only pistols remaining that can stop me from doing an Rx WoD in the games.


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