Flat on my back, 16.2 & the Filthy Fifty

What a week. A last minute site visit in Estonia, falling flat on my back outside the hotel on Tuesday and then 4 days of Double unders.

Where to start… Last Friday it was decided that I would travel to Estonia on Monday with an open return ticket. I booked it for Thursday in hopes to be finished my work and home in time to test 16.2 on Friday.

Love traveling all day just to go a few hundred kilometers, but my trip was not boring to say the least. Tuesday night after nearly 12 hours of work, I walk out of the hotel to go to dinner and fly up in the air and land flat on my back, as well as hitting my head on the asfalt.


Luckily, I did not get hurt, but I was sore for a few days afterwards.

Friday morning I wake up and the first thing I do is check out The Open 16.2 WoD release.IMG_1748[1]

Crap Double Unders I think to myself, but then I realize what a great chance to improve on them. So instead of being irritated that i can not do them i seize the moment to practice them. Friday I get to the box just after 15:00 and stay until nearly 17:00 pretty much just jumping rope.  Towards the end I finally take my shot at 16.2.  T2B are not easy, but only take around 1:15-1:25, then for 2:30 I struggle to get a whopping 36 DUs.  Not happy, but a result in Rx.

Saturday I practice jumping rope at the pool, and sunday I spend nearly 2 hours from 10:30-12:30 practicing DUs and again test 16.2. This time I get up to 44 DUs, better, but I really want to reach 50 and have some time to attempt one clean.  I go back to the box sunday night, but this time just practice DUs, my hands are sore from the earlier attempts. Monday during lunch I again show up and jump rope for 30-40 minutes and make one last attempt at 16.2.  I really thought I would make it. For the third time T2Bs only take around 1:20, and the first 20 DUs go so well, I starting looking at the 61kg barbell, and then the no-reps start coming. I only managed 25 DUs in the last 1:30 or so.   So I close the door on 16.2 knowing that I have never jumped rope so much in my life as I did during those four days.

The scores are still being validated but at this moment I am 1217 (47%) in Europe for 16.2 and 1177 overall (45,5%).  Down 25 places from 1152 after 16.1, but consistent. Sadly, my placement in the World worsened. I was 10126 ( 48.5%) in the world for 16.2 will moving down to 10237 (49%) overall ranking, down 111 places.

Interestingly, I was 142 respective 147 but moved up to 137 out of 240 Masters men 40-44 in Sweden.  Got some work to do if i am going to make it to the top 50% in Sweden.

I am really hoping for a ladder or a chipper for time, something with Thrusters and Rowing in 16.3….

I thought I would take a break from DUs, but todays WoD gave me a chance to make all 50 with no time limit.

Filthy Fifty

50 Box jumps (60cm)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings (16 kg)
50 steps Walking Lunge
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press (20 kg)
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots (9kg)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders

I managed to finish most of the 50’s under 3 minutes through wall balls.  I got to wall balls around 20 minutes, and was not finished with then until 24-5 minutes. It then took me until 29:58 to finish all 50 burpees, but I think I did 53.  I was the last man working so the other 15-16 at the workout, where pushing me to finish my burpees before 30 minutes.  When everyone was done and resting I asked David to restart the clock.  I did not struggle for 30 minutes just to stop with the same damn 50 DU’s from 16.2 laughing in my face.  So after about 2:30 laying on my back I picked up and jump rope and proceeded to finish the WoD. It took 3:50 for me to manage all 50 DU’s. The clock read 36:20, but it took David about 10-15 seconds to restart the clock and the 10 second countdown, so my time was 36:40-36:45.


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