The Open 16.1 – Rx

So it’s that time of year again.  When over 40,000 from around the world take on 5 WoDs over 5 weeks to see what they can do.

After last years Open, I set my goals rather high. I wanted to be  in the top 25%, but my progression in crossfit training has gone slower than I had thought, but in a good way. I am improving my technique and getting stronger with each WoD. So I’m hoping to just improve my ranking this year.

a 20 min AMRAP that included weighted over head lunges, burpees and chest to bars. Three things that I am not good at…


On Friday afternoon I met up with Tomas and a few others at Crossfit Växjö.  I had been resting my back for the previous 10 days, doctors orders. I had no idea what a good result would be, but I told Tomas I want to take it easy and make it through at least three rounds. OH lunges with 43kg is not easy.  My back complains when I do regular lunges. But I took my time, I was careful and made it through 3 rounds in just over 15 minutes, but during the C2Bs on the third round I noticed my back started aching. I think it is the kipping that causes the pain to start. So after a rest, I stod up to start the OHL and my back said stop. So I rested until the clock was at 17:00 and finished the 7.5m lunges and with over 90 seconds remaining managed 8 bar facing burpees.  I just laid on the ground during the final 30+ seconds. I managed 3.5 rounds and was happy.  91 reps Rx.

On Sunday, I was back again and my friends were getting 91-270 reps. So I decided that I too could manage 104 reps, 4 rounds, if I just kept pace and did not rest as much. So that was my strategy for 16.1 part 2. Without trying harder, I just kept moving forward, I was nearly one minute faster after the first round. By the end of the second round I was just over 2 minutes faster. I was able to keep pace through round 3 and was about 2:30 faster than Fridays attempt. I slowed down on the 4th round, but I only lost time in the 15m of OH lunges. So with nearly 2 minutes remaining I picked up the bar and thought  I could walk 7.5m and manage to squeeze out most of the 8 Bar facing burpees, but by now my legs were tired, my arms tired and my back protesting. It took all of my strength just to manage 4.5 of the 7.5 meters.

But I did it. I managed to increase my reps from 91 to 107. 

Based on today’s approved results for Masters Men 40-44 I managed to improve my ranking through 16.1. I was 10113 out of 20832 in the World (48.5%). Down from last years 55.6% or 7.1% better.

In Europe I was 1132 out of 2549 in Europe (44.8%). Only a 4.1% improvement from last year, but it’s an improvement!

Congrats to all my Crossfit friends who managed to finish 16.1

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