Oslo trip + Crossfit

Last week of work before Christmas vacation and I got to travel to Oslo for the first time. I have a small standardization project I am working on and the guys doing the work are based in Oslo. With the status of my current projects it was very hard to find time when I was in the office, so we decided I would travel to Oslo to make it easier to be available.
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Everyday Warrior WoD 3

Last weekend I spent most of my time at the pool. Not for myself, but as a race official Saturday and starter on Sunday. Lily was in the pool. So much fun watching kids race. From one meet to the next they can cut seconds from their times, not tenths like older kids and grown-ups. After two long days at the pool, I made my way to the box to test Everyday Warrior WoD 3.
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Friday mingel at the box, Crossfit Lift-Off & Everyday Warrior

So Friday evening, nine friends got together at the box for some old fashion fun.

We decided on the following 4 WoDs:

  • Grace 30 reps Clean and Jerk 60kg
  • Randy 75 reps power snatch 35kg
  • Diane 21-15-9 deadlifts 100kg / handstand push ups
  • Karen 150 wallballs

Before we even started I decided to scale Diane to 80kg and Karen to 6kg instead of 9kg.
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