1/4 of the way to 1,000,000m

So we have made it through the first 3 months of the year. Feb-Mar 2020 will not soon be forgotten. Everywhere you look there is something about the Coronavirus. Luckily for me Sweden is taking a more scientific approach and leaving politics out of the decision making. So while many of you are on lockdown and not allowed to go to your local pool or gym, I am coming off one of my best swimming weeks since moving back into the pool in September 2019.

Just a week ago I thought I would miss my March target of 83.3km because of my two week taper, but thanks to a change in our girls swim times on sunday afternoon I was able to squeeze in an extra 1km and again on Monday with Lily home sick I was able to race to the pool for a simple series, 1050m swim, 1000m kick, 1050m pull for another 3100m while Iris was at theater. So after todays 4000m+ workout I will surpass 83,3km!

Monthly progress

So not really being able to show my weekly progress because this week is only 2 days in I will skip that for now, but will surely mention the two week dip that will be visible next month when I have nearly 18 weeks of 18km+ with two weeks down around 9km each.

But as you can see below I am still ahead of schedule. Roughly 13km. With no pool races planned in the near future, it is straight to OW race training. So we might see a slight increase in my weekly average in the coming two months. If we can start getting good quality swims in the lake, by that I mean 60 minute swims. I will definitely be swimming lots more until our pool season ends June 4th.

Yearly progress

There are now 11 people from Växjö registered for the 21km swim in August, so finding swimming partners should be easy.

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