1 Million Meter – January update

As you know I took on the 1,000,000 m Challenge 2020, or 1000 km, or in Swedish a 100 mil.

It was a rough start to the year with a slow start to the swim year with less than 10km the first week, but with Thursday night’s medley workout and Friday the 31st solo swim I finally swam past the pace holder.


After week 1, I’ve been able to manage my weekly goals thanks to my Friday swims. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get a 7km swim in to round off the week. I’m hoping the longer Sunday swims will help me build a buffer before I miss swimming due to work.

202 week to week

In 2012 I swam 725km. It was also one of my better starts to a swim year. Feels great to manage to beat that mark. I wonder how many times I will break the 100km barrier this year.

2020vs2012_week 5

What makes this months swimming special is that swimming is less than 50% of my total training. There is still a lot of swimming to be done this year and 11 months to manage.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s first long swim of the year. Tuesday’s will be my biggest training day, Wednesday’s will be the hardest swim days, and Sunday’s will be the day that most likely drains all the energy I have left.

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