Easter training

My Easter week was better than expected. I post on FB on the 5th saying that I would swim 3km a day as well as have another workout and I managed to do so through today Monday the 13th.

Doubles all week

Monday thru Thursday my workouts were separated by work. Since it was Easter break in Sweden I only worked 6 hours a day giving me time to spend some extra time with my kids. Tuesday was my only triple workout day. A bonus Crossfit workout with Pia where we did “Cindy” and I set a personal best with 19 rounds +10 reps. Only 20 reps from making 20 rounds which is one of my Crossfit goals.

The older kids were going to swim 100×100 on Good Friday, so I asked the head coach if a few of us from Masters could join in and he said it was ok, so three of my swimmers and myself . We get to the pool at 06:45 and by 07:00 we jump in the water and start our 100x100m st1:30. It was my best 10,000m in over 10 years. I offered to go first, and my plan was to swim the first 25 first, and then move back. After 25, we decided to take a short break after 40-55-70-85 so I said I could keep going first if everyone was ok with my tempo. I lead the first 70, but then let Hampus take over the last 30. My shoulders started to get tight, so I moved to last in my lane for the final 15 so that I could sneak in a 25 in each 100 backstroke. I swam the last 100 IM, which hurt. Cramps in most of my muscles and my stomached did not like the new movements.

Thanks to that long swim I managed to get my weekly total up to 35km. The longest week in a pool since I swam 54km in 24 hours back in 2015.

I have after today 55km for the month, which means I can reach 100km for the first time in my masters career for pool swimming.

Comparing to my previous best swim year, one thing is clear. The Coronavirus has been the best thing to happen to my training. No late nights at the office, no last minute trips to site. Just being home working 40+ hours a week.

My taper in March cost me all of my buffer, but in the last three weeks I have managed to build up my buffer again. This image is from Sunday, so after todays swim I am 33.65km ahead of target!!

It’s starting to look like I might have to travel for 5-8 days in May, but it should not ruin my swimming goals, even though missing so many days of training will set me back.

Another important area of my training has been Crossfit. I am hoping to average 3 workouts a week, but knowing that Open Water swimming will replace my gym times as we approach summer, it feels good to have an even bigger buffer in this goal.

Working out one hour a day should be something everyone tries for. Currently I am well over my goal, and I could wind up with 500 hours by the end of the year. But no one knows how long life will be effected my Corona, so all of these extra hours might come in handy after the summer, when work starts sending me around the world again.

I feel really bad for all my friends that live outside of Sweden and do not have access to a pool or a gym. I am mentally prepared for the day Sweden shuts down, as long as our lakes are open, I will be able to continue to swim. The water temp has to be around 10C now, so it won’t be fun, but its’ possible when the only other option is becoming a couch potato. I have to keep training like I will be able to race this summer. If my races get cancelled this summer, then I will have to just race at home in our lakes 1250m course or swim around the larger lake.

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