Solid Open – Q3 (Scaled)

I had planned in writing this up earlier but it slipped my mind. Being home alone with two of the girls all week and only nice weather on one day got to me.

The last of three WODs in The SOLID OPEN.







Rx is 55kg and scaled 40kg for Masters. With a max snatch and OHS of 65kg I decided to go with scaled. Better to get a decent time and see how it goes.

The first five snatches are almost touch and go. I take the burpee (jump overs) nice and slow. I do a clean and jerk to get the bar up, desperate my hands and then breeze through the five OHS. I still try to stay calm on the second set of burpees. Took just over 1:35. Start resting and think maybe I should go every 2 min? But at 1:46 I think I’m ready and I start snatching. Again no issues with the snatch. But I can tell I slowed down on the burpees. I didn’t like having to adjust my hand position after a jerk so this time I clean adjust and do a push press. One the weight was up OHS again no problem. Now it’s just over 4 minutes. 

The third round goes the same but I slow down even more on the burpees. But on the OHS, I decided to snatch the bar up to get the  right grip and save time. Finish around 6:35.

During the fourth round snatches my stomache turns on me again. But I manage all five with just a quick pause between each. Moving to the burpees it’s like hell no! It takes 7-10s for each one. Take a pause before the OHS and then pump them out with no incidents. The last five burpees fells like they take for ever. I’m fighting my stomache and trying to go through the motions. I don’t even look at the clock.

I start the fifth round and after the snatch I start to think maybe I can make 12min. The burpees again slow me down. After another break I push through the OHS. This time taking them with better control. On to the last five burpees. I know now it’s not a race against the clock, but to the toilet. I focus on the five burpees, get over the bar and land on the mat, look up at the clock (11:36) and then run to the toilet. I really wish I could push myself one day and not have to deal with other body issues.

Afterwards I was able to watch Jari and learned from his splits. He lost his balance on an OHS in the final round and clocked in at 11:39. 

I think then that I could cut 30-45s from my time. Planned on doing it Saturday but instead I tested 55kg snatches and OHS. It was not has hard as I  imagined. So now I’ve decided to test Rx for Masters on Tuesday. No time cap, but I’m hoping to go under 20 minutes. After all, the burpees can’t get any slower ūüėČ

There are 25 snatches, 25 OHS and 50 burpees. 100 reps in all. That means 12s/rep for 20 minutes.

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