82.5kg squat clean

Crossfit / weight training is a lot like triathlon training when it comes to being able to mix up you week and get the most out it.

This week there have been a lot of Max WODs. The first WOD which is usually something to do with strength this week has been 12-15min to reach a one rep max. As I wrote last I’ve been able to reach new PBs in the basic lifts. Today was more of the same 🙂

15 min to max on a squat clean. I’ve done a 75kg so called power clean, but it was no pretty. My biggest problem has been in lifting too much with my arms and was not confident enough to go under the bar. Ever since my class with Ulf Stillman I’ve been more focused on getting under the bar instead of trying to lift the bar.  After warming up with a 20kg bar I move up to 30kg 5 times. Then clean 40kg 3 times. Now I feel comfortable with my body position so I start doing one rep at a time: 50-60-70-75-80.  I managed to get the bar up and underneath it with ease. The 80kg rep was slightly harder to stand up with but with 3min remaining I decided to try 82.5kg. After my longest rest in this series I walk up to the bar, grip it and clean it. I was taught to stand up quickly and that’s what I did, or  tried to do. I don’t front squat much more than 80kg but I was able to lock out and dropped the weight. Yeah me!!

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