A slow start up & Family Crossfit

So today is the start of my sixth week with coughing and limited training. Even if I am only training for myself, it’s really hard to deal with such a big set back. I have no diet, or calorie plan, so when I can not workout I go up in weight. I’ve gone up at least 5kg since March 10th and I am as big as I have ever been.  Luckily for me, it’s all in the belly.  The fast has not had time to travel up to my neck and face. Since the 13th of March I have only managed to get one workout in a week.

Week 11 – it was a CF WoD 55 min and it was most likely what put me over the edge with getting a full blown flu.

Week 12 – a 20 min WoD including warm up for 16.4

Week 13 – a 40 min WoD including warm up for 16.5

Week 14 – 45 min no effort swim (2000m)

Week 15 – I thought I would be able to make a comeback, but I only managed two half-assed workouts. I managed to swim 2km in warm up pace twice, and two crossfit WoDs.  The second CF WoD was family CF with Lily.

It was only our third time going to the family WoD, illness, family parties or other sports have come in the way, but yesterday we made it.

Lily loves crossfit and loves that it makes her face red.  Something she says doesn’t happen with swimming, no matter how hard she swims 🙂

Sunday’s WoD
Five rounds for time:
20 Ring Rows (10 each)
20 Box Jumps (10 each)
200m running (together)
20 Push Press (10 each)
20 Air squats (10 each)

Lily had a 20cm box and 6kg bar.  Since I am just getting back on my feet I used a 30cm box and 50 kg. Lily hates running as much as I do so we are a good team. I let her go first, which was a mistake, since the running was together, she could have used the extra 15s rest when i did the 10 push presses, but she pushed hard all the way through.

When the WoD was over Lily smiled and said my weight looked heavy, I told her it felt heavy too, and she bent over to try to pick it up, but I stopped her because she tried to lift with her back.  So I showed her how to lift with her legs and keep the weight close to her legs, and she did it.  She managed to dead lift 50kg (110lbs), slight more than her own body weight.  Yeah Lily. I wonder how many grown-ups out there can dead lift more than their own body weight.

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