Oct & Nov Training Summary

With two weeks of travel in both Oct and Nov, my planned rest during Sept has turned into three months of cosy, feel good training. However, I have been more active this Sept-Nov compared to last year.  And with only one plan trip in Dec I am hoping to finish off the year strong.

Swimming is the activity that gets hit the hardest when I am not home. And it is also the activity that I have reduced from four sessions a week to only two. Which means I won’t be swimming more than 20-25km/month when I am home. Since my focus for 2015 will stay on distance events, I am not concerned about the level of my swimming, I just need to make sure I get those workouts in and stay healthy.

Biking has not gone as I had hoped, but that will turn around now in Dec. I have been on a bike more this year Sept-Nov than last year, but well below the 500km I thought I would be hitting now in the off season. My bike is set up for winter training, Netflix has the series I need.

Running has been to some degree non existent. Around 50km in Sept and Oct, but only 17km in Nov. I am hoping to get back up to 50 in Dec and then 80 in Jan and then maintain 100 Feb through Aug. I’ve changed my running style and wanted to avoid injury. But I feel good about it now and just need to find the time to increase my distances.

Some of the positives that I can try to take with me going into next season. I have started Crossfit, and it feels good. I have several friends that enjoy crossfit and they have lots of group passes to choose from. I am hoping to maintain twice a week and eventually go up to three times a week.  The BOX is about a 35-40 min run from our house. so I could run there, workout and then run home for a long workout on the weekend.

I am partnered up with Fredrik to race in two Swimruns in June; Stockholm Swimrun and Kustjagare, we have a great deal with TYR Sverige, as well as, DynamicTraining & Rehab to give us an advantage over the other teams.

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