8th Best Masters Team in Sweden

So this past weekend was the Swedish Nationals for Masters in longcourse. Looking back on my Friday post, I can’t help but laugh at how much I misjudged my readiness.

Had I not been the coach, I think I would have gone home after the first event. That’s how bad it was for me in the pool. But I love the atmosphere at swim meets, and I had four teammates that were prepared to swim well.

To summarize the weekend. My team made up of Gina, Christine, Fredrik, Hampus and myself had a combined 24 individual starts. Together we took home 3 Gold, 5 Silver, 4 Bronze and an additional 7 4th-6th place.


With our little troop we managed to sneak in as the 10th best Masters team in Sweden at the LC Nationals.  That in combination with our 8th place finish with only 6th swimmers at the SC Nationals, we managed to remain a top 10 team, with an 8th place overall ranking for 2014. That means we have been a top 10 team since we hosted Nationals in 2010.

In 2015 the SC Nationals will take place in Stockholm the 20-22 March and LC Nationals in Upsala later in the fall.  The location of these two meets means there will be a lot of big teams loading up with swimmers.  I hope that I can rally the swimmers of Växjö and keep our little team in the top 10 for a 6th year in a row!

Team LCM SCM Total
1 SK NEPTUN 264 595 859
2 SS04 0 351 351
3 Sundsvall 0 335 335
4 Täby 0 267 267
5 DANDERYD 99 143 242
6 Umeå 0 229 229
7 LASS 23 171 194
8 Växjö 44 135 179
9 VARBERG 88 77 165
10 HELLAS SK 55 94 149
11 GÖTEBORG 98 40 138
12 KUNGSBACKA 79 25 104
13 VÄSTERÅS 17 87 104
14 SK LAXEN 72 0 72
15 SK SYDSIM 38 32 70
16 ALINGSÅS 50 15 65

If you want to know more about my weekend you can read my race report.

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