For the lack of a better word, my body weight is finally responding to my lifestyle changes and after 10 months of gaining weight, I have finally seen a drop.


I have a distance future goal of where I want to be, but for the time being I am just going to be happy with the new downward trend…

An Evil Cirlce – Back pain, missing workouts and junk food = weight gain

Since the beginning of Aug I have not been 100%.  I slipped on the stairs and landed on my ass and elbow. But at the time I was still in the middle of my Ironman training and it was not enough to slow me down.  I managed through the pain and completed all my workouts and was able to finish all my races with respectable times.

But since Sept 6th and the end of my racing season, I have not been able to ignore the discomfort. I thought that the 3-4 weeks off from training in Sept would help, but when I started up again three weeks ago, it’s still there. So that discomfort in my back started this down hill trend.  I have gone up in weight the last two months.  Why?  Most likely because I am eating out of boredom.  and the more I think about my weight gain, the less motivated I get, the more junk food I eat, the bigger my belly gets and the more my back hurts.

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