It’s Hurricane Season – SwimRun Premier

Today Fredrik and I finally decided to test Swimrun. So after I got the Masters group started in the pool Fredrik and I got our wet suits and running shoes on and got started.

We started off running around 6:00-6:15/km.  Keeping it simple today ran about 750-900m before swimming 250-300m and then repeated that three times. Instead of doing it a fourth time we ran about 1km in the other direction swam about 450-500m back to the pool.

Swimrun was not at all has hard as I thought it was going to be. Fredrik and I managed well today. We didn’t try swimming with a pull buoy and really didn’t feel the need for one. That’s good. That’s one less thing we need to carry while running. 

Back in the pool we filmed ourselves and couldn’t really see the need to add anything. But we will definitely be testing all options the coming three weeks.


Here are videos of us test swimming in the pool. Funny that we both swam and easy 50m in 40s. So the shoes didn’t slow us down

Fredrik & me

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