Swedish Nationals 50m in Burlöv

When it comes to Masters swimming in Sweden, it’s not fair to only share results based on the number of times one makes the podium.  My chances for getting a medal is 100% based on the number of swimmers that decide to show up.

I was not in Uppsala last fall, because of the distance/cost to get there, but also I was travelling a lot for work.  And looking at the results, it seems lots of others also skipped the meet.

In the spring of this year, I had not been able to workout and was travelling all the time, and didn’t know I was going to be able to swim until the Tuesday before, and it was the first time since 2007 when I started swimming Masters that I did not get a single medal. But even if I had been 100%, I still would not have stood on the podium. I still managed to land in the top 6 and helped my team get some points.

Since May, lots has happened, and even if I am slowly getting back to health, I am limited in how I can train and limited to how hard I am allowed to push myself during training.

So instead of bragging about five medals with five races, I am going to focus on my times from the weekend, and what I am hoping to change before 2017.

First race of the meet, the 100m backstroke.  My time of  1:23.05  is not a good time, not for Men 40-44.  But when I look at my previous times, it was only 0.28s over what I swam in 2014 but 2.26s over my 2013 time. So all things considered, this was not a bad race.  The first 50 felt ok, I was trying to hold back slightly, but around 80-85m I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  I started to get dizzy and then had to coast in to the wall.  At the time I was disappointed with my time, but now looking back, it was a good race.

Second race 20 minutes later, the 50m breast in a time of 37.79.  This was only 0.08s over my time from 2014, but a whopping 3.22s over my best time as a Masters from 2008.  Technically the best race of the weekend when it comes to times, but there was lots I could have done better at the start and finish. Next year I will be under 36 again.

After the way my heart felt during the 100 back, I was really close to scratching myself from the 200 breast.  But in the end I decided to just swim through it and work on my stroke rate and kick timing.  I finished in 3:06.22 which is 20.17s over my time from 2013, but I haven’t been the same since I broke my collar bone aug 2013. But I am still able to fine something about the race to make me see a positive.  My splits were 42.23 / 47.49 / 48.62 / 47.12,  I don’t think I have ever come home on the last 50 faster than the second or third. I might never get back down to 2:46, but I should be able to get under 2:50 again.

Not sure why I always sign up for backstroke, but its a way to get team points.  50 backstroke was 39.92, 1.58s slower than 2014, and 4.12s over my 2012 time. No reason to swim over 38, but I usually only swim backstroke for the points, not because I am good at it. 😉

I’ve got lots of room for improvement in the 100 breast.  Clocked a time of 1:24.55, which is 1.18s faster than my time from 2014, but 8.86s over my 2008 time.  It would be nice to get back under 1:20 next year.

Short course nationals are in March, and I am hoping to get the doctors OK to start training at 100% in December, giving me 3 months to gain back some speed.

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