Supervised 72 hour fast and training

So I was informed earlier this week that my Synacthen test showed no abnormally low levels of Cortisol. So they have no called me in for a 72 hour fast test to confirm and determine the cause of suspected spontaneous hypoglycemia which I experienced back in July at the end of Kalmar Swimrun.

So Tuesday the 22nd of November I check in to the hospital and stay until Friday 1400, unless of course I develop low blood sugar before the 72 hours are over. Which basically means as long as I have a blood sugar level above 2.2mmol/l the only thing they will give me is water.

They will be taking blood test every 2 hrs, so not only will I start to get hungry, I am going to be tired from not being able to sleep all night.

I have not heard anything back from the neurologist Dr, so my working out is still limited to 85% max pulse and I still taking a blood thinner. Swimming under A3 works, but once I try to swim hard or fast, my pulse goes up and I have to slow down or stop.  Crossfit and lifting is going well, I don’t have any speed, but I am able to keep a good pace and work through the WoDs.

Running on the 1st of Oct was so hard that it has not been easy for me to make time to run again.


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