2016 comes to an end Clot& blood thinners…but what a start to 2017

I haven’t posted anything here since November. Mostly because I was not sure how much I wanted to share about my test, until I got some results to share. But like many things in Sweden I don’t know when I will get an appointment with a Doctor that can explain my results.

My 72 hour fasting test was moved because of a business trip from the end of November to the middle December. I was pretty sure that it was going to be very difficult for me not to get to eat anything for 72 hours, but interestingly enough I was happy just drinking water during my test. I arrive at 14:00 and get to leave to watch Viola sign, but skipped the eating because of my test, but the test did not officially start until 20:00. Luckily for me they gave me some soup at 18:00 and at 19:45 I got a pastry. The first time I thought about food when was they served breakfast on the second morning. And since they served food 5 times a day I kept my room door closed and was able to watch movies Jeanette would never sit through, and shows only me and maybe 100 other Netflix users actually watch.

Around lunch on the second day, the drop needle in my arm stopped working, so they had to take blood manually. The lunch tests went well. Even the 1600 blood tests. But the 20:00 and 24:00 where not so much fun. All of day three they took blood manually and the bruises on my arms were getting bigger and bigger. By midnight on day three nothing was working, the Doctor had to give me a sedative. I was then able to relax enough for the blood to be taken around 01:15.

All of the final day went well. I was getting conflicting information all day. I was told I could stop taking my blood thinners but that there was always a risk by stopping to take them. At one point in time I thought I was going to be able to go home at 16:00, then I was told they needed to take the 20:00 test. I was asked if I wanted dinner and i said if they had already ordered food I would eat it otherwise I could eat when I got out. Around 18:00 I was told they had food, so I tell Jeanette to come and get me at 20:15.

But the final blood tests were not finished until 20:15, then I got to eat, then I was informed that I need to stay another 30 minutes after I was finished eating for one last blood sugar level test. I was just happy to be going home and not have to take blood thinners again. I was told I would get a follow appointment with in 3 weeks. It has now been six weeks since I left and still no one has called to tell me the results.

About 5-6 days after the test I noticed that a vein on my right arm from around where they took blood was starting to get hard. On the 23rd it was about 1cm long, since nothing in Sweden by the ER is open around Christmas I waited until the 27th to call my clinic. By then it was nearly 6 inches long heading to my wrist. My thought was infection so get me som penicillin. After fighting with a nurse on the phone I finally get a time to see a Dr. The doctor then sends me for an ultrasound and the ultrasound team send me to the ER. In the ER the Dr explains I have clot in my arm and they take more test, and they tell me I have to start taking a new stronger blood thinner. One that comes with a patient card for my wallet and a necklace to warn paramedics if I get hurt.

The new meds came with a information meeting a few weeks later, and a 3 months follow up. I feel more comfortable about being on these meds since the team watching over me is 7-8 nurses that work together with all patients taking it.

So for now I still follow the advice I got back in July/Aug about not letting my pulse get up to max.

2017 will be a rebuild year. And what a start it has been. I have been healthy, I have only had two unplanned rest days. But with four days left in January I am already up to 39 workouts (45 hours) including 54 km swimming.

with every passing workout I can feel myself pushing my heart rate closer and closer to 90%. Last night I was able to push a 100m free to just over 1:10 while still holding back. I haven’t that comfortable in the water since July. Today after a 25 min WOD my puls was 168 after 45 seconds it was down to 138 and my puls at work is around 80. I think 90% of my max is 170 🙂 So I won’t be able to push myself much farther, but I can push myself to 170 and then stay there longer now that I know what it feels like.

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