Beach Event 2016

Last year Crossfit Växjö won the Beach Event at Falkenberg when Fredrik crossed the finish line with the fastest time and I came in fourth. This year Fredrik was away and my participation in the event was doubtful considering what happened last Saturday.

But the weather forecast was sunny and warm, so the family woke up early and we headed to the west coast.

There were 37 signed up before the start of the race. After I registered I was still not sure I could swim, so I head out and swim roughly 500m nice and easy and decide to give it a try. Usually one says “what’s the worse that could happen, I lose?” But I don’t want to think about what’s the worse that can happen.

The event is a 500m swim with a beach run start and finish. As everyone gathers in the starting area I stand in the back.  I don’t want to get in the way of anyone sprinting out to the swim.

It’s a long shallow beach. We have a 50-60m run to the water but most continue to run 75-100m out into the water. I feel weak trying to run through the water so start to do Dolphin dives, but get light headed and just start to swim instead. I can see others continuing to run/walk but I feel better swimming. So I move out to the left and find a rhythm that I think I can hold and as everyone else starts to swim I start moving up the field.

By the time we reach the first buoy I can only see one other person in front of me.  I keep my pace, and lock in to the next buoy and turn around point. Roughly 40-50m out I pass the last person and by the time I turn around I am all alone. Then I have to slalom through the field as I make my way back to the pier and the final turn back to the beach.

As I turn back to the beach I notice there is a slight current so I lengthen my strokes and glide as much as I can. When the water gets to chest depth on me I stand up, look back but don’t see anyone so I dive back in and swim until my fingers touch bottom. I walk until the water is knee high and try to run, but I feel really tired so have to walk again. When the water is only inches deep I start my run up the beach to the finish line.

I cross the line at 13:51, walk over to get my shirt and make it back to congratulate the second place guy who came in at 14:58.

A really fun beach event hosted by

This race wasn’t as much as a race for me, but a chance to see if I could swim.  Great bunch of people today that gave it their all. I was just lucky that the little I hd left was enough to win.

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