Finding myself

In May, I wrote about hitting rock bottom. Unfortunately, hitting rock bottom was not enough for me to motivate myself to start training again. Illness, work and lack of motivation from my part, kept me on the sofa and in a car.

But five weeks ago I finally felt the harsh reality of my laziness and this past weekend I realized that I am not happy with myself. I got to see tons of my friends racing in the Ironman Sweden (Kalmar for us who live here). I was so jealous of them.  Not that they got to race, and I was on the sidelines cheering them on, but that they were pushing themselves farther than they thought possible one year ago when they signed up, and here I was nearly 15kg heavier than I was 12 months ago, and 24kg heavier than I was Aug 2014.

So last night I decided to work my way back to Ironman form.  Step one was to get off sofa and sweat.  It wasn’t fast, or pretty, but it was 40 minutes of jogging.

Masters starts this week, but I will not be able to swim until Sunday thanks to a last minute trip to Bulgaria, but I will bring short and try to sweat a little while there.

I only have one race planned for 2017, but if all goes well with me comeback, you might see me in Tjörn at the end of the summer.

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