Everyday Warrior – Final

So its been nearly a week since I last did an Everyday Warrior WoD, so I hope the results list are finalized.

Name: Ryan
Team: Crossfit Växjö
Total Rank: 67 / 250
Total Score: 381
W1 Rank: 101 / 242
W2 Rank: 34 / 215
W3 Rank: 128 / 202
W4 Rank: 118 / 155

It’s fun to do these online competitions. I push myself more than I do in a normal workout, but I do not push myself past my physical limits risking injury.  I think I would have done slightly better in a real competition, but I also might have injured myself.

There were 299 Masters men who signed up for the Everyday Warrior, but only 250 that submitted scores. Only 155 managed the last WoD, but I think that had more to do with the stress of Thanksgiving weekend, than the actual WoD.  WoD 2 with rowing, Overhead squats and jump rope was by far my best.   I really need to work on my leg and stomach muscles so I can improve in the other areas as well.

In 2016, I hope to improve on my Games results. I will stick with online competitions in 2016, with the only exceptions being a potential BOX games and the Beach WoD in Falkenberg.

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