Oslo trip + Crossfit

Last week of work before Christmas vacation and I got to travel to Oslo for the first time. I have a small standardization project I am working on and the guys doing the work are based in Oslo. With the status of my current projects it was very hard to find time when I was in the office, so we decided I would travel to Oslo to make it easier to be available.

Monday was a long travel day. Started just after 8am taking a taxi to the airport. after nearly an one hour delay my flight to stockholm was in the air.  As soon as my bag comes off the plane I jump in a taxi and head to the offices of VFSTasHeel to apply for a new visa to Saudi Arabia. Not something you can do online or through the mail.  You have to be there to leave finger prints and a digital picture. 20 minutes later I was back in a taxi heading to the stockholm central station to take the express train to the airport. After checking in for my Oslo flight I have about an hour to eat and check work email. I land in Oslo, and then it takes about an hour to get to the hotel. The taxi ride was more expensive than the flight. Once I check into my hotel I quickly unpack and head to the local Box, Crossfit Sandvika. There was an 8pm class and I was allowed to join them. It was a tough Hero WoD, Barraza.8a0532e1d4384375a00e2f284b61c350

I wound up having to scale it to 100kg and Burpee pull-ups. After 3 rounds, I changed the weight to 80kg since my back was killing me and finished after 5 rounds and 200m + 3 deadlifts.  After the WoD I spend 10-15 minutes working on my handstand walks.  I finally get back to my hotel room just before 10pm. I quickly shower and change and get a burger in the hotel restaurant.

Tuesday, Måns, the guy I am working with here in Oslo meets me at the hotel and we walk to his office. In the afternoon we decide to do the 5pm WoD and 6pm Mobility workout. 8176ec68fdd1474d89714216e193bf5e

I surprised myself on the push press strength WoD.  I started with 40kg, then 60kg, then 80kg, 80kg and 80kg, but then the coach said that looked too easy.  I think my pb is 95, so I when up to 90kg on the last set and to my surprise I was able to lift the 90kg three times.  After the WoD we joined the Mobility WoD. It was different, and it will be interesting to talk to Martin J about what we did and if he likes it or not. But we did a “quad crush”, then a rubber band stretch on the back of the hamstring for the hip flexers, hanging from a bar, handstands and finally biceps crushers.

After the workouts, I headed to the mall outside my hotel and ate Burger King. Everything in Norway is so expensive. Mondays burger and beer cost nearly $30. BK with an extra chicken crispy was only $18.50.  Back in my room I try to watch 47 Ronin but the wi-fi was so bad at the hotel it took nearly 2 hours to watch the first 1:10, so I will watch the last 50 minutes or so tonight.

Wednesday morning I was again met outside the hotel by Måns. Tonight we will head back to Crossfit Sandvika again. I think the last time I did Elizabeth it took nearly 11 minutes, but that was during the Movemeber WoD and I was holding back slightly. It would be nice to get under 10 min.


Not sure what I will eat tonight, but I will finish 47 Ronin before going to bed 😉

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be another travel day. starting at 7am and home in Växjö around 3pm.  Just in time to watch Iris in her dance recital and pack for our Christmas vacation.

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