Everyday Warrior WoD 4

Yesterday after work I made my way to the Box, while the girls were at dance and swimming. Luckily for me Martin showed up and was willing to workout with me. So after a short warm up we got started on WoD 4.

7 Minute AMRAP: Increasing Reps
2  Ground to Overhead ( 85lbs)
4  Wall Balls (10 ft / 20lbs)

4 G2OH
8 WBs

8 G2OH
16 WBs

16 G2OH
32 WBs… (28 reps)

32 G2OH
64 WBs

My goal was to reach 90 reps, but time ran out when I tossed up number 28 on the WBs.  Martin was able to start 32 G2OH and managed 97 reps to my 86.

Afterwards, we did a bench press series from 40kg up to 90kg and then back down to 60kg followed by some Hand stand training.

Since I will help close the Box tonight, I will give WoD 4 another shot. This time I hope to start the 32 G2OH

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