Everyday Warrior WoD 3

Last weekend I spent most of my time at the pool. Not for myself, but as a race official Saturday and starter on Sunday. Lily was in the pool. So much fun watching kids race. From one meet to the next they can cut seconds from their times, not tenths like older kids and grown-ups. After two long days at the pool, I made my way to the box to test Everyday Warrior WoD 3.

I usually try to get these in as early as possible, and then perform them a second time so I can learn from my mistakes. But last week was hectic with a last minute trip Friday to Tuesday and the Jeanette travelling Wednesday to Friday night. The only good thing was I was able to see that most people were between 4-5 minutes.

For Time:
9 Dead Lift (Masters 185 lbs)
28 Box Jumps (Masters 24″)
14 Thrusters (Masters 95lbs)
30 Pull-Ups

I set up two barbells and placed a box between me and a pull-up bar. I am not sure it was the best situation to go all out, since I had been breathing in chlorine all day for two days, but it was my only shot at getting a result. The nine dead lifts were no problem, only took 15 seconds or so. Moving on to the box jumps, I decided to just step up, it was allowed for masters and I wanted to save my legs for thrusters.  It took over a minute for the box jumps (step ups). I move over to the second barbell and start the thrusters.  1-6 go great, then 7-10 not so great.  drop the bar for a few seconds and then get 11-14. These took a lot longer than I had expected, but I told my self it was just because I was stiff from working at the pool all day. As I go over to the pull-up bar the clock shows ~2:45. I think, great I might be able to break four minutes. But it turns out I was not able to get more than 5 pull-ups in a row with out having to rest. so the 6x 5 PUs plus rest took just over 2 minutes and my final time was 4:48.

I so wish that I had had time to try it earlier in the week.  I know that I could have done it differently had I been better prepped.  I wound up placing 127 of the 201 that submitted times.

So after three weeks and placing 101, 34 and 127 my total placement is 66 out of 250 that have registered a result, or 66 out of 178 with all three results.

WoD 4 is a 7 min AMRAP and I have until sunday to get the highest reps possible.  Really hoping to stay in the top 30% total, which means I will most likely need a better than top 100 result.



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