Everyday warrior WoD 1 & 2

So they had problems with registering scores from WoD 1 and extended them through Sunday.

With a five day trip coming up I decided to give both 1 & 2 another try. So Thursday afternoon I make my way to Crossfit Växjö.

After a short warm-up and technique training I set up for WoD 1: 3 min bar facing burpee jump over followed by 9 min 1 RM clean & jerk.

Last week I managed 39 burpees and only 70kg. Last night 43 burpees and a new PB 90 kg C&J! I moved up from nearly 200 to just under top 100 for WoD 1.

I took about 15 min to set up WoD 2: 

20 min AMRAP 

21 cal row 

7 OHS 34kg 

63 DU

then I was determined to go out hard. Earlier in the week I managed 8 rounds and 3 reps. Averaged 2:25/round easy and constant. Yesterday I went out hard, maybe too hard. First round under 2:00. By the fourth round my times are slipping. I’m at 8:35. By 17:05 I’ve done seven rounds. I manage to push through round eight and as quick as I can start round nine. As the row machine flashes 12 cal the clock chimes. All that extra work for a mere 9 reps. But it seems as if those final 9 reps might actually be the difference in me being able to finish in the to 30% instead of bottom.

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