Super busy October

I have not forgotten to write here, I have just not found the time to put my thoughts into words…

So my last post was my first day in Saudi Arabia.  The day before I had managed to perform the Nordic Showdown twice, pack and then head to the airport.

I had big plans for working out during my planned 4 week trip to the desert. But what I didn’t know is that I would be working 12 hour days. So all of my workout plans were tossed out the window and I did what I could do to survive.

The first week I was in Jeddah, I managed to get in 4 workouts.  Three of them at the hotel gym and one at 22 Athletics.  The Nordic Showdown 15.3 included handstand walks and pistols, so I was only able to finished the 20 DUs then call it quits.  It was one of those WoDs that I would have just as easily done a walkover, but getting a score was better than scaling the WoD or getting a zero. Out of the 27 Masters 40+ I was tied for 11th in 15.3. So I was not the only one to just perform the DUs.

The second week I had a co-worker staying with me so working out and eating dinner after work was not a good combination. so I only made it to 22 Athletics on Friday with a long walk along the boardwalk in the morning. But while at the 22 Athletics i managed to get in 15.4.  which was

4min amrap
15 cleans 50kg
15 burpees target
12 cleans
12 burpees (hann bara med 7st)
9 cleans
9 burpees

I set up my camera and start the clock. I get the first 15 cleans and 15 burpees finished with in 2 minutes. around 2:08 I start the set of 12’s.  It takes just over a minute to get the 12 cleans and I am left with around 48 seconds to get in as many of the 12 burpees as I could.  I collapse after 7 as the clock beeps 00:00.   If my hotel was closer to the box, and I was not working such long days I know I could have done it over again and managed to finish the 12’s and maybe even start the 9’s, but oh well, I did my best.  my score put me at 20th.

I started 15.1 in 24th position and finished the Nordic Showdown in 15th.  Only two places behind Köttababes teammate Jari who was 2-1-1 against me in the 4 WoDs. NEXT TIME!

At the beginning of the third week I was told I would be going home a week early, YEAH!  I change my plane and train tickets and give up completely on getting to workout.  The next time I workout would be back in Sweden with Masters Sunday morning swimming. It felt so good to be back in a pool.

This passed week as been fall break for the girls, so Lily and Iris have been away for a 3 day camp, while Viola and I have been playing at home. But still by the end of the day today I will have managed to get in 3 swims and 3 crossfit workouts in. tomorrow Friday I will take a break from swimming and only do Crossfit, because then Friday afternoon I head to Göteborg to swim for 24 hours. I have written about the swim before and will post more about it in my next post.

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