Nordic Showdown 15.2 x3

So last week Thursday 15.2 was published.

Because of work, staying home with the girls and a swim meet I didn’t have a chance until Sunday to give it a try.

For three days I thought about which end weight I could handle. Based on my max for OH squats I thought I could handle 65-70kg.

During warm up I quickly realize it was going to be the lunges that stop me and quickly back down to a final weight of 62.5.

Emma is going to try at the same time as me. Tomek judging her and Martin me.

42.5kg easy. Takes about 38s. No issues, but maybe no need to rush.

47.5kg still easy, but slow down to 43s.

52.5kg starting to feel heavy on the lunges but otherwise no issue.

57.5kg again only lunges that slowed me down, but only one set left.

62.5kg wanting to give myself as much time for the DU tie-breaker as possible I push through the last set, just under 55s.

I grab my jump rope but only manage 18 DUs.  So my first safe attempt gives 262.5 plus 18.

Monday at lunch I decide to try to end on 67.5. It would give me 280 and a higher placement.

47.5kg felt good

52.5kg forcing myself to bounce up on the lunges still feeling good.

57.5kg still rush through the sets under a minute

62.5kg a slight pause before the OH squats but still just under a minute

67.5kg the lunges were tough, but I got them. Push press no problem. Then I rest the bar on my shoulders while I fix my grip and get ready for the OH squats. The weight goes up, I find my balance and start. As I reach bottom and start to stand up I lost my balance and was forced to drop the bar!!!! Failed. No time to try again.

After Jaris successful attempt at the same weight I decide to try again.

47.5-62.5 felt the same as above with the exception of the right leg lung. It was difficult.

67.5kg ok up to left leg lung, hard but good, right leg, down and as I try to go up, NO I feel a pain in my ass lose my balance and drop the bar. I hit the ground in anger with my hand and realize it was not going to happen. Should have just tried 65, I know I would have gotten it the first time.

But 15.2 is in the books and I can add lunges to the list of things to practice more often.

Looking fwd to 15.3 and hope the guys at 22 Athletes can help me.

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