Solid Open – Q3 (Rx)

Last week I did the Solid Open 15.3 scaled. I scaled it for two reasons. The first was to get a time since I was not sure how this week would play out being on vacation and all, but also because Rx was 55kg and my current max for both Snatch and Overhead squats is 65kg.



Some of the guys at my box have also done Rx this week. The elite (60kg) between 7-9 minutes and the majority between 12-16 minutes.  I was still not certain I could manage 55kg, but Saturday I made it to the box after breakfast and worked on my technique and when I got up to 55kg I surprised myself. Sure it was hard, but it was not knock me out hard. In fact, the OHS were easier than the snatches once I got the weight up.

The entire WoD is 100 reps. So 10-12s per rep would give a time between 16:40 and 20:00. Any thing in that zone would be great. Well not great but fine by me. Mathias and I plan to meet up around 16:00.  I get there just after 15:00 and take the time to really warm up. By the time Mathias shows up I’m feeling ready to start lifting. I do some reps with the bar, and slowly build up to 50kg. OHS feel really good, but the snatches are not going as smoothly as I had hoped. Mathias goes first. His game plan was to hold 3min/round. If he managed that he’d be down around 15 minutes. For some reason I think it’s easier to follow someone else instead of going first. I get pumped watching them work hard and I can try to learn from what they did right or less right. He works hard, has a little dip around the 3rd-4th round but finishes strong with a time of 15:05.

So now it’s my turn, 16:40 is looking better than 20:00. But we will see how I manage my dip…


I grip the bar and rip through the first five snatches, no rush; lift, let go, 1.2.3… re-grip, lift and let go. After the bar stops bouncing I go down for an easy five Burpee jump overs. As I walk around for the OHS I hear someone say my 15kg plate broke. My time is under a minute so I take the time to replace it. Then move on to the five OHS. Just like during warm up, the initial lift is the hardest. But once up over my head, I’m able to complete them and continue with the Burpees. My first round time is just over 2:30. So I rest up until the clock hits 3:00 and start round two. Keeping 3 minutes a round would match Mathias, I didn’t think I could, but no reason to rush on.  The 30 seconds I rested there saved me 2-3 minutes at the end. Round two and three are relatively uneventful. I finish the second at 5:40 and rest again until 6:00. Finish the third round by 8:45 and still feel strong. During the third round of snatches David reminded to get under the bar with my body and use my legs more. Snatches are a lot easier if you do them correctly. But funny how quickly I revert to bad technique when he wasn’t looking 😉

On to the fourth round, the snatches start to take a few seconds longer, but I’m still able get them up with out any no-reps. Trying not to waist time I go straight to burpees. But after the burpees I take a 15-20s break to catch my breath before the OHS. Again no problems once the weight is over head. I again go straight into burpees. But the fourth round takes me to just over 12:20.  Now I’m tired. I know I can’t get 15:05 like Mathias, but under 20 minutes is completely with in reach. But all of a sudden I get the urge to lay down. Luckily Mathias and the others there start cheering me on. I get up and struggle through the five snatches. Relieved when I get the last one up. Down for five burpees and the take a pause to wipe the sweat off my face and re-load for the final 10 reps. It’s takes a few seconds longer than before to get a grip and prepare mentally for the lift, but it’s up and five OHS later I’m only five burpees from the end. Out of nowhere I get an energy boost and I blast through them.

My time 15:40!

Relieved that is over, again I pushed my limits and managed another online qualifier WoD Rx.  Speed and strength will come with time, training and improved technique.  I won’t know the final standings until tomorrow but I’ve moved up each week. Mostly because I’ve been able to do the Rx weights, but also because some of the 67 masters did not perform 15.2 or 15.3.

Thanks to Mathias for judging me and pushing me. Also big thanks to David, Andreas, Emma, Madde and Nathalie for keeping me going.

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