The Solid Open – Summary

So yet another on-line qualifier for a Crossfit competition is over. This was my third competition and I can really see some improvements from when I started in November. For the second time I managed to perform all the WoDs Rx, something I could not do in the Reebok Open.  Then it was the muscle ups that stopped me.

But I have noticed a trend with me and these on-line WoDs.  I usually start off slow and get better week to week.

15.1 –> I struggled with the Chest to Bars, and my body weight and lake of condition training slowed me down. I wound up placing 61 out of 67.

6 C2B (RX) / Pull Ups (Scaled)
9 STOH 30kg
12 FS 30kgIn 3min,

15.2a & 15.2b –> I was really close to doing the scaled WoD to avoid the double unders, but since I can do them, just one at a time, I decided why not. I knew that even the 60kg squat cleans would be tough, but I gave it my all and finished 47th in both of these.

1 rep Max of:
Clean & Jerk
After wod 2a rest 3min and then complete wod 2bFor Time Complete:

60 DU (RX) / 150 Single Unders (Scaled)
50 Wall Balls 9kg
40 KB Swings 24kg
30 Pull ups
20 Squat Cleans 60kg (RX) / 50kg (Scaled)
10 HSPU (RX) / HSPU 2x Abmat (Scaled)

15.3 –> feeling good about my scaled attempt, but really happy that I managed the Rx here too.  My scaled attempt would have placed me 47th, but thankfully I finished the Rx and my placement was 38th.
For Time Complete 5 rounds of:
5 Snatch 60kg (RX) / 40kg (Scaled)
5 Lateral Burpees
5 Over head squats 60kg (RX) / 40kg (Scaled)
5 Lateral Burpees

My final placement is currently 40th. But all through this competition late results have been popping up 1-2 days later. so we will see if I fall a few places. My boxmates did a good job as well.

Håkan  9th, 62nd, 18th and 41st for a final 28th
Alex 7th, 73rd, 55th, 14th for a final 33rd

Men’s Master
David 12th, 16th, 26th, 16th for a final 17th
Mathias 57th, 22nd, 46th, 36th for a final 34th
Tomek 59th, 43rd, 48th, 48th for a final 45th
Jari 64th, 50th, 50th, 47th for a final 46th

Women’s Masters
Linda 21st, 20th, 18th, 20th for a final 20th
Emma 17th, 27th, 24th, 19th for a final 22nd

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