100km in April

I was not expecting this, but thanks to the Million Meter Challenge I have just had my best indoor swim month since I stopped swimming back in 1996. It didn’t hurt that I was able to get in a good 10 day swim streak either. One other time in the last 12 years I have managed over 80km in one month in a pool was back in Jan 2012. I have now had 4 months in a row with over 84km. And now in April thanks to an extra 3km OW swim when putting out the buoys in the lake I landed at 108,560m in April

In the last 3+ years I haven’t had a many weeks over 20km. Nine to be exact, before the start of 2020. This year alone I have managed 20km or more twelve times. It has been a really great year for me. The Coronavirus has put a stop to all of my traveling the recently. So I have only had 5 days so far this year where I rested. In fact I have only missed one Masters workout this year.

But that all changes next week. Today we can’t practice because the pool closes early. I could swim on my own, and there is still time, but I am not really excited about swimming on my own. Sunday will be another missed swim opportunity since I will be going on my first business trip since the Corona outbreak started. Since the planes are not going as often as they use to, it will take a little longer than normal to get there having to travel up by car.

The plan is to leave at 0600 Sunday morning so we can get to our hotel before midnight. We are going to have to plan our stops well as I do not wish to have to get out of the car as we drive through Stockholm. I will not have the ability to drive home when my work is over, but that means that I get an extra night in Umeå. I have never been there, and if I manage to get on the early bus from Piteå to Umeå, I will reach Umeå in time to guest swim with Umeå SS Masters. I know that Nedal kicks our butts every Wednesday in Växjö, but I hope I survive swimming with that group. My journey home will continue Friday morning with a 12 hour train ride home. I have two face mask with me just in case I get sick or there are coughing people in the train.

On a positive note, all the extra swimming I did up until now has created a buffer. I am currently 40km ahead of target. Assuming that I am not able to swim in Umeå on Thursday, I will still be just over 20km ahead of target when I get back on the 8th.

Our lake course is ready, so I am expecting to be spending more time in the lake in the month of May than I have in the past. As soon as the water gets a little warmer and my friends do not need a hot shower and basta after, we can move to the larger lake for longer swims that do not require 4-5 laps around the 1250m course we have.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and following your local regulations concerning Coronavirus.

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