Vansbro 2020

I am really hoping to be able to get enough help next year so that I can race in our local OW race on June 13th, but I do know now how my July will start.  Yesterday I registered for 5 races over 8 days in Vansbro. But then a few hours later, they announced that one of the starting groups would be a retro theme to help celebrate the races 70 year history.


So now I plan on swimming a 10 km on Saturday the 27th, and then the following weekend race 5 times in 3 days.   Friday will be focus on racing fast in the 1500 m swim at 13:30.  Getting out of the water just before 14:00, then having two hours to eat and get back to the start at 16:00 for a 3 km race.  I really did not plan on racing twice on Friday, but since Lily wants to race in all the possible races, I had to join her.

The next day is the official 3 km race and there will be 24 start groups.  Lily will start in the 1st group with the fast girls, I will start in the 3rd group to avoid all the kaos with the first groups.  Assuming we both swim will, it will give us just under two hours to get back to the second 3 km of the day. The second one will be with out a wetsuit, so it will be nice to be able to change into clothes for that short pause between the races.

Sunday will be my easiest day, and most likely Lily’s toughest.  At 09:00 Lily will race in the 1 km open to 15-17 year old.   It should not take more than 12-14 minutes depending on the current.  I will do my best to support Lily, so she will have to pick up her shoes, and then walk back to the start of her second 1 km race, at 10:00 which is open to anyone.   So for me it should be an easy win as I will be fully rested.  Luckily for Lily she will get a little longer of a break and her last 1 km race will not start until 11:30.  Her last 1 km will in the ladies only swim. I will try to make sure she gets in some food and can sit and rest for as long as possible before this last start. So for me it will 21.5km in 8 days, but for Lily she will swim 23.5km!!!

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