My first real Swimrun suit

Yesterday I picked up my new Colting Swimrun Go, my first real swimrun suit. In 2015, my swimrun partner and I had the chance to compete in brand new TYR Hurricane C3 suits, that we had to cut off the arms and legs to be able to manage the runs. This was the way most did it back then, since the short arm and leg suit had not gotten as far in development. But things have changed in 3 years. More and more wetsuit designers see the growth potential of Swimrun races as they are no longer only arranged in Sweden.

My plan for the last weeks of training before Kalmar Swimrun is to run as much as I can in my new suit, of course I will also swim in it to know how it feels, and that I am adjusting the suit over my shoulders correctly. But my main focus will be to get comfortable wearing it all the time during the runs.

Last night my wife and I ran 5km, the same course that we ran on Thursday last week. Wearing the new suit, I only lost 2 seconds. When wearing a cut swim wetsuit I think I was losing 10-15s per km. I started running with the zipper up, but then quickly decided it would get too hot. With the zipper being in the front I could easily on my own pull it down. Before it would have required me to stop, find the strap, pull it down and then start running again.

During the run I never felt trapped. with the front zipper open I could breathe freely. With the material around the legs, I never felt that my thighs were chafing. The only thing that I need to work on, is how high to pull up the arms.
My biceps are rather large and during the run I could feel som pinching aroudn the arm. But it also forced me to relax my arms and lower my hands, which might be a better running technique. At the end of my run, I pulled up the zipper again to get a feel for how the suit moved around, and to my surprise it felt just as good over the shoulders after running 30 minutes as it did when I first put it on.

The material around the legs does not have any neopren, so there is no chafing between the legs. No noticeable chafing anywhere after my run. In fact the suit was so comfortable that I could sit down in a chair and let the sweat run out of my suit with no real rush to take it off. I usually felt the need to take down my suits to be able to breathe more freely, but not with this suit.

Hats off to Jonas Colting and his design team for a really great Swimrun suit!

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