Summer races…

Since my Dr gave me clearance to compete and the only thing holding me back is my physical condition, I have decided to participate in three potentially four races this summer.

First up will be Vansbro 3km OW. Last year I finished outside the top 100 with a time over 40 minutes. This year I am in better shape and know that I do not have to slow down or stop because of my increased heart rate. I haven’t decided between swimming in my sleeveless TYR or my full body. The temperatures will be up around 30C in the air, and over 18C in the water.  This will be my 9th swim and I hope it will be my 6th time under 40 minutes and again top 100.  I will have to bring both suits with me and decide in the morning which feels best.

The following weekend will be a chance for revenge with the Kalmar Swimrun. This years race is only half of the distance when I ran into trouble back in 2016. In 2016 Fredrik and I managed to reach the halfway point just under 3 hours.  This years course is just like many of the other races out there, but to our advantage the ratio of swimming to running is 20%.  We know we can not run fast, so our goal is to maintain a good pace in the running that we can then hold the whole race.  Our chance to move up from last to “not last” place will be during the 4th swim.  During that nearly 1 km swimming, we can make up anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes on the teams that do not swim as well as us. By the time we get to the end of the 4.2 km run, we should be able to keep our position in the race.


Neither of us has had a real Swimrun suit.  We’ve done our best with regular wetsuits from TYR that we cut the arms and legs off.  But having the zipper in the back made for lost time during the transitions.  My size and tendency to get over heated required us to stop before every swim and pull up my suit, and then back down before each run.  I am hoping that with the help of  a pair of Colting Swimrun Go suits, that our transition times will drop to just the time it takes to climb in and out of the water.


I have not been able to run much, but the running have have done has felt good.  The more I run the better feeling I get. so in the coming two weeks my focus will be on running in the swimrun suit to get my body adjusted to running in it.  My only real concern now, is the weather.  If it is going to be 26 C or higher, I am going to have to make sure to bring a camel pack, or drink the semi salty water we swim in during the race.

My third race will be a return to Vidösternsimmet 21.5km OW.  I have finished that race three times in the past. This year to make things interesting I have registered for the non-wetsuit class. Based on previous swims, I would say that a wetsuit allows a swimmer to swim 10% faster. That being said I should be able to finish this swim under 7 hours.  I will not be racing against the other swimmers, or the clock. I just need to prove to myself that I can do this.  depending on how my body feels after the race, it will determine which races I will attempt in the future.

The fourth race on the table, but not 100% is the swim leg of a 70.3 triathlon at the end of august.  my only goal would be to help my team get a good start, and maybe be in the top 10 (for teams) after swimming.

I will try to be better att keeping this blog updated on my progress this summer.


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