The Open 2017

I haven’t written as much about the Open this year as I did last year, but here comes a summary for those of you interested.

My goal was to be last years final placement.  I was very close to being better in all three categories:
Masters Men 40-44 World Wide (total 20898) I was 8735  – 41.8%
Masters Men 40-44 Europe (2558) I was 1049 – 41%
Masters Men 40-44 Sweden (240) I was 120 – 50%

The number of participants went up across the board. just over 3000 world wide, roughly 1200 in Europe and nearly 80 more in Sweden.  Below are my final standings along with my standings after each WoD.  0% would equal winning and 100% would be last place.

In Sweden I was 50.3%, but I can not remember if I round up or down to 50 last year so I will say it was the same placement, but in Europe and the World I moved up 1-2%!!


I would really love to be healthy from now until next year, but more important that I can workout the way I want during December 2017- April 2018 so that I can get better results next year.

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